For some reason


I will always miss coming home to you and mommy
For some reason you would wake up just to see me

I remember at your uncle’s party you wouldn’t stop crying
For some reason in my arms you were calm and I ain’t lying

I know I may not be around anymore like I would truly love to
For some reason I never gave up and am always willing to help raise you

I hope things are working out in your favor
For some reason I was sent to be your savior

If I could do it all again
For some reason I will do it the same to the very end

I know I should never have doubted mommy cus u I lost as well
For some reason I feel like that was a time I lived in hell

I may never get to tell you all this because I pushed so much
For some reason I just couldn’t keep yall in my clutch

I just hope if you ever see me in a picture or in life
For some reason you will remember how I never gave up and even tried making mommy my wife

I never meant to cause you so much pain
For some reason I just rather me be the blame

I am not that much of a bad guy as you may one day hear
For some reason I stepped up and you called me daddy with no fear

I will never know how someone not kin to me could love me so beautifully
For some reason you did it instinctively

I may not have been the man mommy kept trying to make me be
For some reason no matter all that and the drama the thought of yall makes me happy

I want you to grow up freely without seeing mommy cry
For some reason she needed to lie to make our happy memories die

I want you to know I will always see you as my own
For some reason the chances of us being a family again I have blown

I hope mommies new husband treats you like I did
For some reason I’ll never forget you kid

Now go and know a daddy’s love will only continue to grow
For some reason it will never get low


Two angels?

Yall run around all day
When I’m sad Yall make me gay

I may seem upset alot
When the time comes you will know it was for not

Yall do know how to push me
When I start to fuss I stop cus yall are so happy

I may not always get yall things
When yall grow up it will be clear it’s because tio didn’t create a savings

Yall know just what to do to make me smile
when I’m upset it only lasts a little while

I would love to give yall the world
When the time comes lessons will be for told

Yall know how to live life happy and free
When I see it everyday I know yall are teaching me

I may not have a tia that wants to stick around
When the time comes it’s us she will have found

Yall may not have a real daddy
When yall grow up remember tio is all I ever wanted to be

I love yall no matter what
When yall grow up i hope yall will never forget that!!

I aM Me oN tHe inSide!!!

This is who I am
This is who I am

I am me on the inside!!! As wild as this may sound; I really can be judged by the way I look on the outside!! I don’t know if it’s just a Gemini thing or what,  but majority of people always know what I’m feeling or thinking by they way I look… I even have facial expressions for what I’m thinking like

Really? Foreal?
Really? Foreal?

Which usually means I only believe half or none of what you are saying… it’s funny because most of my friends and colleagues will normally speak for me… most of the time I have no idea I’m even making faces… you know that got me in trouble alot!!! I really learned to do it because when I conversate; I tend to dominate the conversation, therefore,  I learned to speak with my mind to get people to see I understand what they are saying but I’m holding back my comments until they finish their argument or speech… it really does wonders when I’m on the phone and I don’t want the person to hear me make fun of them!!! Well as for who I am on the inside if you see smile then you know I’m having a great time in that point in life, but if I’m dragging and really not paying attention to anyone then you know I’m just not having a great day!!! I really am a ressemblence of my inner me on the outside!!! I have never been good at hiding my emotions either!!! Well that’s me and I hope yall enjoyed it!!! Comment if you dare lol!!!
Masks Off

The Book the Secret

Really great eye-opener
Really great eye-opener

As wild as this may sound; I started reading this book called The Secret, and ever since I have been getting a better view of life. Now I didn’t just go out and find this book I have this weird habit of putting my email into everything I see that says “email sign up!”… I don’t know about yall, but I like reading and learning new things from real people; therefore, when I see someone offering advise or books I am always willing to sign up. It just gives me something to do later. I don’t recall exactly which mailing list I was on when I was introduced to this new way of thinking. I was always so hard on myself and having lost my relationship, car, job, and apt. This was the perfect time to change the way I thought and start being more positive about life! I started reading this book, joined several affiliate programs, and now I am happy to say I get help from several people on how to promote and how to really get noticed. I really thought life was still going to be lonely for me, but then I met this amazing person who really seems to know how to mage me genuinely smile!!! She gives me hope when I was so used to inspiring others… life just seems to keep getting better everyday!!! I am now living what most call on the edge and really living like everyday were my last!!! All thanks to positive thinking and the willingness to learn. I truly believe that one small alteration in your day to day activity can alter your life… stepping into the unknown can really open doors

Falling Down


Believe it or not my favorite movie of all time right in front of batman forever is Falling Down!! Most of the people I talk to have no idea what I’m talking about but just watch the first fifteen minutes of this movie and I know you will all he hooked!! I mean this movie is about your average Joe that has so much grasp of the world and breaks!! He is a guy who is trying to make it to his daughters birthday and deals with your everyday (excuse my language) bullshit!!! He was divorced and his wife has custody of his daughter; therefore this man is on his way to see his daughter but had been stressed to the point where he yelled too much at his wife and she put a restraining order on him. Well this guy deals with being stuck in traffic because “construction” is going on, but like we all know the government needs to spend the same amount of money every year or they will get less to work with the following year.


Then he deals with the over pricing of goods in a convenient store where the guy can’t even speak our language correctly. Followed by a some guys claiming he is stepping on their “turff” (so to speak) and he just loses it. He then goes into a restaurant for some breakfast but shows up five minutes too late and has to get a burger that looks nothing like the advertisement…


how many of us deal with that? Lol He gets on a detectives radar and believe it or not it’s this guy’s last day. He continues to move across town and comes across a golf course that is obviously just there when they could be using the space for an amusement park or even a zoo for kids. Crazy enough he runs into a racist who just hates anyone who isn’t living life to his standards… I just feel like this guy is living and doing what we all wish we could do when put in these situations! !!.. he finally reaches his daughter but has a stand off with the detective who shoots him down but he didn’t even pull out a gun… he actually ended up shooting the detective with a water gun but dies… it’s sad but a real eye opener!!! I really recommend sitting down and watching this movie if you ever have time!!!

Three key goals


I really want to inspire people to enter into the unknown and do it proudly!!! I’m not talking about doing something crazy like drugs or binge drinking!!! I’m talking about actually applying to a job they always wanted and getting it!! Or going somewhere they’ve always wanted to go but always made excuses as to why they can’t do it!!


I want to get more people into reading what I blog about because it is genuinely me!! I dont go around copying what other people are doing but I do enjoy reading how others think. I want people to continue following me because they enjoy my unique blogs and want nothing more but to see what’s on my mind!!!


I want to see three times as many comments on my blogs as I have already because I enjoy positive criticism. .. I really like knowing that I misspelled a word or I actually have someone who is against what I have to say!! Lets keep up the contact and continue to interact!!!

There is No Better Family

If I was “snobish” about anything; I’d have to admit it is with my family!! I always tell people that there are no other families combined that is better then my family! You see we have the best laughs, fights, and overall story.

Our laughs are usually at someone’s expense and most of the time if there is no come back then we don’t feel it’s worth laughing about. We will literally sit back and tell every “your momma” joke in the book and still come up with new ones. There are times we will just sit around and tell jokes but we still resort to poking fun at one another because we all know it will be just that A JOKE!

Now our fights are always because of a significant other but we will always welcome themessage back over because we know there really isn’t much we can do to keep them apart. We enjoy spending time together especially going out and about because there is no fight we really can’t win!! I mean you have my older brother who has a mouth piece and really bad temper… my little brother who is a lose canon and me well I’m a Gemini lol!! Enough said.

Our story are the best because no matter what kind of story we tell there is always a sound effect or a visual display lol. We can’t tell a story without getting the listeners involved… I really don’t think I’ve heard better stories because in ours u will feel what we felt the moment we get to the feeling part lol

Truth Serum?

If I had a truth Serum it wouldn’t matter because I can almost always tell when someone is being dishonest, but there is this one kid I would really love to try it with. I mean you know that whatever comes out of this kids mouth is going to be a lie the minute u look at him. This kid would really lie his way out of anything. His name is Jesse “bubba” perez… he is my cousins son and I can’t remember a time this kid actually said the truth for once… I know everyone is probably like give it to ur spouse or parents, but my spouse doesn’t exist at the moment in my life and I’ve already gotten my parents drunk enough to spill it!! Lol now I chose this kid because I really would like to know 1.Why do you lie all the time? 2. Do you really enjoy it that much? And 3. Can you stop and be honest from here on out? I mean that would really be amazing. It just doesn’t look right for a kid to sit around liYing every five minutes… I tried talking to him and telling him how he will lose all his friends and family, but he really doesn’t seem to care.. well that’s it for now… till next time 😉