For some reason


I will always miss coming home to you and mommy
For some reason you would wake up just to see me

I remember at your uncle’s party you wouldn’t stop crying
For some reason in my arms you were calm and I ain’t lying

I know I may not be around anymore like I would truly love to
For some reason I never gave up and am always willing to help raise you

I hope things are working out in your favor
For some reason I was sent to be your savior

If I could do it all again
For some reason I will do it the same to the very end

I know I should never have doubted mommy cus u I lost as well
For some reason I feel like that was a time I lived in hell

I may never get to tell you all this because I pushed so much
For some reason I just couldn’t keep yall in my clutch

I just hope if you ever see me in a picture or in life
For some reason you will remember how I never gave up and even tried making mommy my wife

I never meant to cause you so much pain
For some reason I just rather me be the blame

I am not that much of a bad guy as you may one day hear
For some reason I stepped up and you called me daddy with no fear

I will never know how someone not kin to me could love me so beautifully
For some reason you did it instinctively

I may not have been the man mommy kept trying to make me be
For some reason no matter all that and the drama the thought of yall makes me happy

I want you to grow up freely without seeing mommy cry
For some reason she needed to lie to make our happy memories die

I want you to know I will always see you as my own
For some reason the chances of us being a family again I have blown

I hope mommies new husband treats you like I did
For some reason I’ll never forget you kid

Now go and know a daddy’s love will only continue to grow
For some reason it will never get low


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