Two angels?

Yall run around all day
When I’m sad Yall make me gay

I may seem upset alot
When the time comes you will know it was for not

Yall do know how to push me
When I start to fuss I stop cus yall are so happy

I may not always get yall things
When yall grow up it will be clear it’s because tio didn’t create a savings

Yall know just what to do to make me smile
when I’m upset it only lasts a little while

I would love to give yall the world
When the time comes lessons will be for told

Yall know how to live life happy and free
When I see it everyday I know yall are teaching me

I may not have a tia that wants to stick around
When the time comes it’s us she will have found

Yall may not have a real daddy
When yall grow up remember tio is all I ever wanted to be

I love yall no matter what
When yall grow up i hope yall will never forget that!!

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