I aM Me oN tHe inSide!!!

This is who I am
This is who I am

I am me on the inside!!! As wild as this may sound; I really can be judged by the way I look on the outside!! I don’t know if it’s just a Gemini thing or what,  but majority of people always know what I’m feeling or thinking by they way I look… I even have facial expressions for what I’m thinking like

Really? Foreal?
Really? Foreal?

Which usually means I only believe half or none of what you are saying… it’s funny because most of my friends and colleagues will normally speak for me… most of the time I have no idea I’m even making faces… you know that got me in trouble alot!!! I really learned to do it because when I conversate; I tend to dominate the conversation, therefore,  I learned to speak with my mind to get people to see I understand what they are saying but I’m holding back my comments until they finish their argument or speech… it really does wonders when I’m on the phone and I don’t want the person to hear me make fun of them!!! Well as for who I am on the inside if you see smile then you know I’m having a great time in that point in life, but if I’m dragging and really not paying attention to anyone then you know I’m just not having a great day!!! I really am a ressemblence of my inner me on the outside!!! I have never been good at hiding my emotions either!!! Well that’s me and I hope yall enjoyed it!!! Comment if you dare lol!!!
Masks Off

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