The Book the Secret

Really great eye-opener
Really great eye-opener

As wild as this may sound; I started reading this book called The Secret, and ever since I have been getting a better view of life. Now I didn’t just go out and find this book I have this weird habit of putting my email into everything I see that says “email sign up!”… I don’t know about yall, but I like reading and learning new things from real people; therefore, when I see someone offering advise or books I am always willing to sign up. It just gives me something to do later. I don’t recall exactly which mailing list I was on when I was introduced to this new way of thinking. I was always so hard on myself and having lost my relationship, car, job, and apt. This was the perfect time to change the way I thought and start being more positive about life! I started reading this book, joined several affiliate programs, and now I am happy to say I get help from several people on how to promote and how to really get noticed. I really thought life was still going to be lonely for me, but then I met this amazing person who really seems to know how to mage me genuinely smile!!! She gives me hope when I was so used to inspiring others… life just seems to keep getting better everyday!!! I am now living what most call on the edge and really living like everyday were my last!!! All thanks to positive thinking and the willingness to learn. I truly believe that one small alteration in your day to day activity can alter your life… stepping into the unknown can really open doors

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