Falling Down


Believe it or not my favorite movie of all time right in front of batman forever is Falling Down!! Most of the people I talk to have no idea what I’m talking about but just watch the first fifteen minutes of this movie and I know you will all he hooked!! I mean this movie is about your average Joe that has so much grasp of the world and breaks!! He is a guy who is trying to make it to his daughters birthday and deals with your everyday (excuse my language) bullshit!!! He was divorced and his wife has custody of his daughter; therefore this man is on his way to see his daughter but had been stressed to the point where he yelled too much at his wife and she put a restraining order on him. Well this guy deals with being stuck in traffic because “construction” is going on, but like we all know the government needs to spend the same amount of money every year or they will get less to work with the following year.


Then he deals with the over pricing of goods in a convenient store where the guy can’t even speak our language correctly. Followed by a some guys claiming he is stepping on their “turff” (so to speak) and he just loses it. He then goes into a restaurant for some breakfast but shows up five minutes too late and has to get a burger that looks nothing like the advertisement…


how many of us deal with that? Lol He gets on a detectives radar and believe it or not it’s this guy’s last day. He continues to move across town and comes across a golf course that is obviously just there when they could be using the space for an amusement park or even a zoo for kids. Crazy enough he runs into a racist who just hates anyone who isn’t living life to his standards… I just feel like this guy is living and doing what we all wish we could do when put in these situations! !!.. he finally reaches his daughter but has a stand off with the detective who shoots him down but he didn’t even pull out a gun… he actually ended up shooting the detective with a water gun but dies… it’s sad but a real eye opener!!! I really recommend sitting down and watching this movie if you ever have time!!!

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