There is No Better Family

If I was “snobish” about anything; I’d have to admit it is with my family!! I always tell people that there are no other families combined that is better then my family! You see we have the best laughs, fights, and overall story.

Our laughs are usually at someone’s expense and most of the time if there is no come back then we don’t feel it’s worth laughing about. We will literally sit back and tell every “your momma” joke in the book and still come up with new ones. There are times we will just sit around and tell jokes but we still resort to poking fun at one another because we all know it will be just that A JOKE!

Now our fights are always because of a significant other but we will always welcome themessage back over because we know there really isn’t much we can do to keep them apart. We enjoy spending time together especially going out and about because there is no fight we really can’t win!! I mean you have my older brother who has a mouth piece and really bad temper… my little brother who is a lose canon and me well I’m a Gemini lol!! Enough said.

Our story are the best because no matter what kind of story we tell there is always a sound effect or a visual display lol. We can’t tell a story without getting the listeners involved… I really don’t think I’ve heard better stories because in ours u will feel what we felt the moment we get to the feeling part lol

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