Truth Serum?

If I had a truth Serum it wouldn’t matter because I can almost always tell when someone is being dishonest, but there is this one kid I would really love to try it with. I mean you know that whatever comes out of this kids mouth is going to be a lie the minute u look at him. This kid would really lie his way out of anything. His name is Jesse “bubba” perez… he is my cousins son and I can’t remember a time this kid actually said the truth for once… I know everyone is probably like give it to ur spouse or parents, but my spouse doesn’t exist at the moment in my life and I’ve already gotten my parents drunk enough to spill it!! Lol now I chose this kid because I really would like to know 1.Why do you lie all the time? 2. Do you really enjoy it that much? And 3. Can you stop and be honest from here on out? I mean that would really be amazing. It just doesn’t look right for a kid to sit around liYing every five minutes… I tried talking to him and telling him how he will lose all his friends and family, but he really doesn’t seem to care.. well that’s it for now… till next time 😉

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