Assholes Welcome

Most people wander why most of the people in my inner circle are such assholes and why I happen to keep them around for so long! Well I really enjoy brutal honesty no matter how it makes me feel and that’s the only truth you will receive from one of my buddies! You see these guys are the best advice givers because they don’t care how you feel; if what your saying sounds stupid or completely off the wall, they are not afraid of stopping you and letting you know! The truth will be distorted like when a woman asks, “does this make me look fat?” The usual response is, “no baby u are beautiful no matter what you wear!” That is so far from the truth especially after they buy it and after the first night almost everyone posted comments on how it really made her look fat… now she is sitting there looking at you with that, “wtf!” Look that we all know and dispise. .. well these guys will avoid all that and simply reply, “No, the dress looks amazing but you should get it in a bigger size!” It seems messed up but why lie? They believe like I do that the truth always comes around; therefore, just say what it is all the time and there will never be a fight! Some people can’t handle the truth and for them I’m sorry and glad your not my friend! I learned to be completely honest and my friendson really allow that to happen. If anyone of you has any pointers feel free to comment!! Brutal honesty is not only OK but welcomed!!

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