Want to be my Friend?

Ask yourself this one question before you decide you want to friend me. “Can I keep an open positive mind?”

Your answer should be yes I’m open to new positive ideas and people. You see I am not your ordinary guy. I will literally get you to rethink the way you see men in general. I am not just saying that because I’m trying to act like I’m the best; it’s because I’m the best me that I can be and there is no other. I have been told several times that in order to be my friend people must stay open minded and positive because I really do things most won’t and if your negative I’ll keep trying to make u become positive because life will only get worse until u begin to open your mind and start believing you can!!!

2 thoughts on “Want to be my Friend?

    1. I just need to keep those people willing to be like minded and open to my positive critism and allow the mind to begin thinking positive.. after all how many people enjoy a Debbie downer? If I can surround myself with open minded people in that will be able to learn to adapt and mold their mind into thinking positive…

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