I am me

Respected by those I meet because I am not your ordinary guy!!!

Awkward at times because we all need to be out of place in order to leave a mark!

Memorable because for some reason people will notice me before I even see them.

Optimistic because I learned that we write our own future and I’m not going to think about failure for even a second.

Nice because no matter how much hate and anger in the world some of us men need to continue being so!!

Devoted because no matter what or how I’m treated; I will always be there for those I meet.

Accomplished in everything I do!

Natural in all the things I do!!
Imaginative in the way I think outside the box!!

Empathetic to all who require understanding

Loyal to those I meet in ways only my friends will be able to say

Passionate not just in love making but in everything I work on or else it wouldn’t be worth doing

Accepted by all because I’m willing to know and try new things

Romantic because I believe romance shall never fade even if tines are hard

Energetic no matter how tired I am; I will always find energy within to get up and hang out with friends and family

Defensive when it comes to my friends loved ones and family

Exotic to most of those who meet me because I’ve pretty much been there and done that, but I still love trying new things

Sacred to those who meet me because I guarantee u will never find another that comes close to me!!!

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