Christian Reyna 2014

Christian Reyna 2014
Christian Reyna

I was working overnight at heb at the beginning of this month and I had some friends staying at my apt. Life was good and people would normally be in and out of my place that I ordinarily didn’t know because I usually slept and worked and then slept some more…. well the first day i was introduced to this guy Christian; he is talking about throwing a big party at a hotel room with alot of females. I am not the type to party nor do I like being in a room with more than fifteen people with one thing in mind. So right off the bat I figured he wasn’t a friend of mine nor would we ever hangout because I’m not into the party seen. A few months later he started coming over but he never came empty handed. I mean this guy would have beer and other party favors for everyone. I started liking him already lol. The first couple times we hung out; he and I really didn’t communicate because we barely knew each other. At the time I just went thru a rough break up with my ex which resulted with losing touch with a beautiful 2 year old baby girl who grew to know me as daddy. Instead of criticism or taunting me he leant a ear. He would ask about her to see why, who, what, when, and where…. then he would go on to say that I needed to learn to keep my emotions out of my relationships. That I’m a smart guy with too much heart and with that being said I would always let my emotions get the best of me (which is true.) You see people had always told me I was too nice, but he went the extra mile and got into details. I will never forget our talks and now we still chit chat and I’m waiting to catch him on an off day so we can go for drinks on my tab lol and kick back. We both love working and getting out there into the world to make our mark. He is also trying to have a family, but like me we are waiting for “the one!” You know in fairytales where no matter what happens they always stay at your side. Well anyway he is a real awesome person and if you ever meet him tell him I said what’s gewd!!!


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