Everyone is my Dream Reader

You can do anything you set your mind to!!! I know some of you may think that this is a bit far fetched, but just think about it for a second…1… When we really do focus on what we really want; and do everything to reach that want, we actually get it. Now this is actually a powerful technique and it’s called the power of attraction. I know some of you may not believe in this concept, but just look at where u are at and think about how u got there…… We create our own future thru our thoughts. As long as we stay happy and positive in all we do; there will never be an unhappy me or you. Let me show you three things you can start doing to begin changing wealth, health, and love.


We all want to be stress and worry free from bills. It’s the first thing that usually holds or ultimately suppresses us all. Have you ever heard the saying, “money is the root of all evil?” Well I like to take this and put a spin on it. Think about everything that happens to us? We overspend on our budget to keep someone including ourselves happy and lose sight of our bills that begin to pile up. Now your in a bind thinking you will never get out of it. Well instead of being negative about your situation; turn around and tell yourself that you can get out of it, you deserve to get out of it, and you will get out of it! You will soon see and feel more positive about the situation to start focusing on money management. This is the law of attraction at work in your own life. As long as you are negative about the situation; it will only get worse. Now if you begin opening your mind to the possibilities and tell yourself that you are a money magnet (so to speak); money will begin coming your way!

I don’t remember the last time I went to a doctor for an illness… then again I never think about myself getting ill. As soon as the thought comes to mind I immediately tell myself that I will get over it. Thoughts are the key to you getting better because most of the time we tell ourselves or hear someone say that we will get sick if we go out without a coat in cold weather and end up over thinking it. As long as you stay positive and happy without a doubt; you will not have to worry about your health.

The main idea to focus on here is love is not found! We can’t go around looking for love because it’s a feeling. If we can’t love ourselves; then how will we ever love someone else, or expect someone to love us? If you learn to love you for you and stop trying to change; people will in turn love you just for simply being you and thus the law of attraction shows us that love will appear in our lives.



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