Three Most Important Songs to Me

In the end- Linkin Park

This song reminds me that no matter what we do for others, they will always choose what they want to do. It’s like the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water,  nbut you can’t make them drink.” I always try to help people and guide them in the right direction but end up getting slapped or stabbed in the back. This song allows me to realize that no matter what people will always do what they want and it’s OK… It doesn’t make me give, but pushes me to keep doing what I can because to them, “in the end it doesn’t even matter,” but for me it feels great to spread the love and lend a hand to at least have them free while they were in my care.

Relaxation – zene12

This is meditation music that really has allowed me to unlock my mind and open up to the unlimited wealth health and love that is offered to us by the universe. I am able to become stress and worry free for the 12 minutes I actually listen to this music.  If you made it to my page u will know my life hasn’t always been as great as it is today, but this music gave me release from it all!!

Motto- Drake

This song just explains my life after all the bad that has happened and motivates me to keep enjoying life and let go of negative because after all we only live once!!! Not all of us are rich and famous but we can be if we continue to live like we are! I will no longer have bad days because I live my life like everyday is my last and those around me know that they don’t have to worry either!!!


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