Fly with me

As lay in bed, waiting for my alarm to go off, I begin picturing my days events and begin my time mangement. I start with getting ready for school, next how I’ll be walking to school and school itself, finally I start picturing my after school activities such as practice, homework and spending time being big brother/daddy/maid. Suddenly I’m interrupted my my sister rushing into the restroom. She always takes forever in there so I rush to the kitchen and immediately turn on the hot water which makes the shower cold and my sister scream. I love messing with her because that’s what older brothers do! She rushes out of the restroom and tells me I better hurry up so she can get ready. As usual I take my time and as I walk out of the restroom I see here her grunt and rush passed me. I begin making my way outside and notice that no one is around and decide it’s safe to fly to a safe walking distance from school. Oh yeah that’s right I forgot to mention I can fly but it’s just one of my many secrets that only u and I are aware of. It started when I dreamed I was flying around and woke up in mid flight. I learned that just like the power of attraction I was able to believe I could and I just take flight. Now that I am within walking distance and no one is around I begin my decent. I continue walking to school and meet up with my friends. We play basketball until the bell rings that starts our day at school. School is fun and exciting because I enjoy learning all I can to fill up my mind with different unique and exciting ideas. The end of day bell rings and I head over to the gym to begin practice for my favorite sport. I really enjoy basketball because i taught myself how to play and it really didn’t take too long to get good. After practice I head home to start assisting my sister with her homework and start cooking. After she is done we eat and start picking up and cleaning before our mom gets home and we get ready for bed. Just a typical day and i loath having to hide from everyone that i can fly but i don’t want the publicity that comes with it. I just enjoy the simple life that we have and no matter what i will keep this to myself until now. 😉


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