Who I am and why I’m here!!

Hi fellow reader/blogger,

I am 23 yr old Ramon Daniel Paredes. I am currently attending Colorado Technical University and doing online Affiliate Marketing. I am preparing for my interview Wednesday at a really great company as management! I can’t wait because I know it’s my first step to actually getting the job and I always do well due to my positive and happy aura!! Please don’t let this new found self fool you!! I have been thru more than most people have in my 23 yrs here, but I’ve learned to live above it all and turn it into motivation!

I am blogging instead of keeping a personal journal because I want to motivate and inspire people to take action and start doing better in life! Everyone wants to leave a mark before they die but I just want people to see what I’m doing after all I’ve been thru and apply it to their own life! I will be blogging about the “Law of attraction” and how I’m making money online! I want people to see that anything is possible if you put your mind to it! Remember we are what we think we are and not just what people say we are!!! I learned to stop trying to be what people want me to be and ignore what is being said because I create my own future and my own emotions!! I want to connect with like minded people who also have a story behind them! People who have been through rough and difficult times, but learned like I have that we do not have to live that way! We create our own futures and If my blogging over the next year turns out well; I hope to have at least 3k+ followers with stories that I or my words helped them get thru! Let’s connect and learn from eachother! I believe that you can always learn something from someone; even if it’s what not to do! 😉

 Connect with me via fb twitter pin linked in etc. Via my about.me at



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