Unlock the Mind

It’s crazy how parents always seem to be more lenient on the grand kids. I love being around kids; although I don’t have any of my own, god has blessed my siblings with enough to go around! I am usually the go to uncle for the disciplining because if you leave your kids with me for a week; I guarantee they will come back and you will assume I sparked them or even gave them medicine. The only medicine or discipline I believe in is tough love! I believe no child needs to talk back, whin, throw tantrums, or even disrespect adults. I was personally spanked/abused growing up and I took what I learned and found out it wasn’t the spanking that had me listen like an angel, rather the fear of being spanked! Fear itself is my soul tool. Now I know what your thinking “this guy puts kids in dark rooms or he may even use a mask?” No I get loud and explain that I have no problem spanking or that I will do whatever it takes to get them to stop. I might separate them from everyone to show them that yelling and tantrums will not get them anything but isolation. Everyone fears being alone and if they don’t because they are use to it then you take the next best thing away like toys. The only ones who really know how to instill the fear are the parents themselves. You see I will sit down with parents and ask them all the in’s and out’s of a child happiness along with sadness. I don’t leave anything to change or the imagination. Don’t freak out because I don’t start the isolation right away. I start with your basic talking and asking them to behave or else. Then if they continue you put them by themselves for a few minutes or until they stop crying and if they don’t you go in and explain that the only way for them to get what they want is to listen. Now my own nieces and nephews respect me because I will spank them especially if they decide being alone is not going to phase them. I won’t put my hands on someone else’s child unless I get written permission from the custodial parent. Most of the time it comes within the first few days! You have to always remain in control at all times and not get angry with the child’s behavior no matter how much they upset or disrespect you because that only makes it worse. I learned showing them with a smile how their behavior only affects them and has no effect on you besides getting them to listen or else. It’s just one extra tip to keep in mind because you will lose a lot of stress and stay calm when it does come time to spank. I love kids who listen and have no problem taking them to parks or even out and about as incentives because everyone enjoys being appreciated for their hard work……


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