Law of Attraction

It is a very easy concept to understand! We use thoughts to attract things situations or even people into our lives. In turn our thoughts can drive them away! For example: if you think your life is never going to get better it usually wont, but if you suddenly meet someone who makes u think and feel your on top of the world. Your life then begins to feel as so. Simple.
So why are there so many people in poverty and sick? Well if your taught through school or even moral ethics that we must work hard for us to have a great life; therefore, when we lose our job or relationship we begin thinking that’s all we will do is lose things and then we fail. Now when you thing of the rich people who only think about money all the time and how happy life is even if bad things happen because they know that no matter what they are wealthy. They remain on top. All it takes is always staying positive and happy and positive and happy things too shall come. One negative thought can mean the bump in the road that can make you stumble and lose hope faith and sometimes even pride. Once you lose these things life will only spiral down but don’t fret… since your reading this you can still are alive and can change things just by changing the way you think and realize life will only get better. Remember the saying I think therefore I am… well stop thinking negatively and you will begin to get up!!!


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