Assholes Welcome

Most people wander why most of the people in my inner circle are such assholes and why I happen to keep them around for so long! Well I really enjoy brutal honesty no matter how it makes me feel and that’s the only truth you will receive from one of my buddies! You see these guys are the best advice givers because they don’t care how you feel; if what your saying sounds stupid or completely off the wall, they are not afraid of stopping you and letting you know! The truth will be distorted like when a woman asks, “does this make me look fat?” The usual response is, “no baby u are beautiful no matter what you wear!” That is so far from the truth especially after they buy it and after the first night almost everyone posted comments on how it really made her look fat… now she is sitting there looking at you with that, “wtf!” Look that we all know and dispise. .. well these guys will avoid all that and simply reply, “No, the dress looks amazing but you should get it in a bigger size!” It seems messed up but why lie? They believe like I do that the truth always comes around; therefore, just say what it is all the time and there will never be a fight! Some people can’t handle the truth and for them I’m sorry and glad your not my friend! I learned to be completely honest and my friendson really allow that to happen. If anyone of you has any pointers feel free to comment!! Brutal honesty is not only OK but welcomed!!

Welcome Home Joe

The day he got out...
The day he got out…

My brother just got out of jail after doing eight months for taking the fall for one of our many crazy parties back in 2009!!! He’s on paroll, but at least he is here and we are back to hanging out and drinking… I really missed not having him around; especially because he really knows how to tell it like it is. I never could sit back and be upset with myself or stay down no matter what the reason because he just wasn’t having that shit!!! I enjoy partying with him because there is always something happening but at least we stay out of trouble for the most part. I don’t think there has ever been a time when life was too hard for us. He always managed to keep me and everyone around up and positive! There is always a way out of something and there is no need to be down about it! He really made me try hard when I was in my senior yr of high school because when he tooknows the fall that was his one request to me! As you all know I was able to finish. I am always trying to help him stay on the right track because if it wasn’t for him I’d probably be in the same boat. I look up to him to get his fuck you attitude in the sense that life will keep one with or without you!!!

My brother Joe and I at slackers sportsbar
My brother Joe and I at slackers sportsbar
My older brother and eye at slackers bar
My older brother and eye at slackers bar
Just enjoying life like the good old days
Just enjoying life like the good old days

Want to be my Friend?

Ask yourself this one question before you decide you want to friend me. “Can I keep an open positive mind?”

Your answer should be yes I’m open to new positive ideas and people. You see I am not your ordinary guy. I will literally get you to rethink the way you see men in general. I am not just saying that because I’m trying to act like I’m the best; it’s because I’m the best me that I can be and there is no other. I have been told several times that in order to be my friend people must stay open minded and positive because I really do things most won’t and if your negative I’ll keep trying to make u become positive because life will only get worse until u begin to open your mind and start believing you can!!!

I am me

Respected by those I meet because I am not your ordinary guy!!!

Awkward at times because we all need to be out of place in order to leave a mark!

Memorable because for some reason people will notice me before I even see them.

Optimistic because I learned that we write our own future and I’m not going to think about failure for even a second.

Nice because no matter how much hate and anger in the world some of us men need to continue being so!!

Devoted because no matter what or how I’m treated; I will always be there for those I meet.

Accomplished in everything I do!

Natural in all the things I do!!
Imaginative in the way I think outside the box!!

Empathetic to all who require understanding

Loyal to those I meet in ways only my friends will be able to say

Passionate not just in love making but in everything I work on or else it wouldn’t be worth doing

Accepted by all because I’m willing to know and try new things

Romantic because I believe romance shall never fade even if tines are hard

Energetic no matter how tired I am; I will always find energy within to get up and hang out with friends and family

Defensive when it comes to my friends loved ones and family

Exotic to most of those who meet me because I’ve pretty much been there and done that, but I still love trying new things

Sacred to those who meet me because I guarantee u will never find another that comes close to me!!!

Verbosity Unfortunately

I tend to use way more words than is actually needed to explain topics or even just “my side” because I want my readers to understand my story’s rather than grabbing a dictionary every five minutes. I am targeting all ages and people from all walks of life. If you can read then you can follow me!!! 🙂 don’t get me wrong I’d love to learn brevity some to get to the point with fewer words, but for now I’m interested in catching people’s attention and imagination. Although twitter does begin to be a handful at times, I still manage to get what I need out with the little bit of words or characters rather… I’m just glad to have the followers I have and hope to attain many more interested like minded minds and if u have any comments or suggestions please feel free. If you would like to really connect with me please feel free as well via

Christian Reyna 2014

Christian Reyna 2014
Christian Reyna

I was working overnight at heb at the beginning of this month and I had some friends staying at my apt. Life was good and people would normally be in and out of my place that I ordinarily didn’t know because I usually slept and worked and then slept some more…. well the first day i was introduced to this guy Christian; he is talking about throwing a big party at a hotel room with alot of females. I am not the type to party nor do I like being in a room with more than fifteen people with one thing in mind. So right off the bat I figured he wasn’t a friend of mine nor would we ever hangout because I’m not into the party seen. A few months later he started coming over but he never came empty handed. I mean this guy would have beer and other party favors for everyone. I started liking him already lol. The first couple times we hung out; he and I really didn’t communicate because we barely knew each other. At the time I just went thru a rough break up with my ex which resulted with losing touch with a beautiful 2 year old baby girl who grew to know me as daddy. Instead of criticism or taunting me he leant a ear. He would ask about her to see why, who, what, when, and where…. then he would go on to say that I needed to learn to keep my emotions out of my relationships. That I’m a smart guy with too much heart and with that being said I would always let my emotions get the best of me (which is true.) You see people had always told me I was too nice, but he went the extra mile and got into details. I will never forget our talks and now we still chit chat and I’m waiting to catch him on an off day so we can go for drinks on my tab lol and kick back. We both love working and getting out there into the world to make our mark. He is also trying to have a family, but like me we are waiting for “the one!” You know in fairytales where no matter what happens they always stay at your side. Well anyway he is a real awesome person and if you ever meet him tell him I said what’s gewd!!!



I remember as a kid getting expelled from several different elementary schools. I would see about three or four different psychiatrists and psychologists a month. I was acting out because I had so much going on in my life and being do young with the ability to understand it all didn’t help. I would continuely fight and talk back to teachers, but I always made sure I was on top of all my school work; making it hard for them to hold me back or even understand why someone so smart would be acting out in the first place. My behavior and whole train of thought didn’t change until I made it to the sixth grade. I got tired of hearing my parents and teachers tell me I wasn’t going to amount to anything if I continued this behavior. I told myself that it was time for a change and time to show everyone just how much I know and understand. All three years of middle school I believe I only got in trouble twice and both times it was self defense, but the school took one look at my record and assumed it was my fault. I knew I needed to make a stand and get out of the “hood”(so to speak). I ended up applying to a Luis W. Fox Technical and Acedemic high school’s Law Magnet program because I always loved the idea of being an attorney and because it meant I could live anywhere and still attend. I moved out on my own sophomore year at the age of 15.  I then got involved with the wrong crowd and unfortunately started using drugs. I started hearing it all over again; everyone saying how I wasn’t going to make it across the stage or I was going to drop out. I especially would hear It from my father; therefore, the day I relieved my invitations and letterman I went and showed him and handed him some for his family and I passed some out to my family as well… the fact that I (a troubled child/drug user) made it through against all odds serves as a reminder that I can endure anything I put my mind to. All we have to do is want it!!!C360_2014-09-17-05-46-01-597

Class ring with the Buffalo as our mascot in the middle
Class ring with the Buffalo as our mascot in the middle
My letterman jacket for Law
My letterman jacket for Law
My '09 unique 1of20 letterman sweater for my Law courses
My ’09 unique 1of20 letterman sweater for my Law courses

Everyone is my Dream Reader

You can do anything you set your mind to!!! I know some of you may think that this is a bit far fetched, but just think about it for a second…1… When we really do focus on what we really want; and do everything to reach that want, we actually get it. Now this is actually a powerful technique and it’s called the power of attraction. I know some of you may not believe in this concept, but just look at where u are at and think about how u got there…… We create our own future thru our thoughts. As long as we stay happy and positive in all we do; there will never be an unhappy me or you. Let me show you three things you can start doing to begin changing wealth, health, and love.


We all want to be stress and worry free from bills. It’s the first thing that usually holds or ultimately suppresses us all. Have you ever heard the saying, “money is the root of all evil?” Well I like to take this and put a spin on it. Think about everything that happens to us? We overspend on our budget to keep someone including ourselves happy and lose sight of our bills that begin to pile up. Now your in a bind thinking you will never get out of it. Well instead of being negative about your situation; turn around and tell yourself that you can get out of it, you deserve to get out of it, and you will get out of it! You will soon see and feel more positive about the situation to start focusing on money management. This is the law of attraction at work in your own life. As long as you are negative about the situation; it will only get worse. Now if you begin opening your mind to the possibilities and tell yourself that you are a money magnet (so to speak); money will begin coming your way!

I don’t remember the last time I went to a doctor for an illness… then again I never think about myself getting ill. As soon as the thought comes to mind I immediately tell myself that I will get over it. Thoughts are the key to you getting better because most of the time we tell ourselves or hear someone say that we will get sick if we go out without a coat in cold weather and end up over thinking it. As long as you stay positive and happy without a doubt; you will not have to worry about your health.

The main idea to focus on here is love is not found! We can’t go around looking for love because it’s a feeling. If we can’t love ourselves; then how will we ever love someone else, or expect someone to love us? If you learn to love you for you and stop trying to change; people will in turn love you just for simply being you and thus the law of attraction shows us that love will appear in our lives.


Fly with me

As lay in bed, waiting for my alarm to go off, I begin picturing my days events and begin my time mangement. I start with getting ready for school, next how I’ll be walking to school and school itself, finally I start picturing my after school activities such as practice, homework and spending time being big brother/daddy/maid. Suddenly I’m interrupted my my sister rushing into the restroom. She always takes forever in there so I rush to the kitchen and immediately turn on the hot water which makes the shower cold and my sister scream. I love messing with her because that’s what older brothers do! She rushes out of the restroom and tells me I better hurry up so she can get ready. As usual I take my time and as I walk out of the restroom I see here her grunt and rush passed me. I begin making my way outside and notice that no one is around and decide it’s safe to fly to a safe walking distance from school. Oh yeah that’s right I forgot to mention I can fly but it’s just one of my many secrets that only u and I are aware of. It started when I dreamed I was flying around and woke up in mid flight. I learned that just like the power of attraction I was able to believe I could and I just take flight. Now that I am within walking distance and no one is around I begin my decent. I continue walking to school and meet up with my friends. We play basketball until the bell rings that starts our day at school. School is fun and exciting because I enjoy learning all I can to fill up my mind with different unique and exciting ideas. The end of day bell rings and I head over to the gym to begin practice for my favorite sport. I really enjoy basketball because i taught myself how to play and it really didn’t take too long to get good. After practice I head home to start assisting my sister with her homework and start cooking. After she is done we eat and start picking up and cleaning before our mom gets home and we get ready for bed. Just a typical day and i loath having to hide from everyone that i can fly but i don’t want the publicity that comes with it. I just enjoy the simple life that we have and no matter what i will keep this to myself until now. 😉

Three Most Important Songs to Me

In the end- Linkin Park

This song reminds me that no matter what we do for others, they will always choose what they want to do. It’s like the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water,  nbut you can’t make them drink.” I always try to help people and guide them in the right direction but end up getting slapped or stabbed in the back. This song allows me to realize that no matter what people will always do what they want and it’s OK… It doesn’t make me give, but pushes me to keep doing what I can because to them, “in the end it doesn’t even matter,” but for me it feels great to spread the love and lend a hand to at least have them free while they were in my care.

Relaxation – zene12

This is meditation music that really has allowed me to unlock my mind and open up to the unlimited wealth health and love that is offered to us by the universe. I am able to become stress and worry free for the 12 minutes I actually listen to this music.  If you made it to my page u will know my life hasn’t always been as great as it is today, but this music gave me release from it all!!

Motto- Drake

This song just explains my life after all the bad that has happened and motivates me to keep enjoying life and let go of negative because after all we only live once!!! Not all of us are rich and famous but we can be if we continue to live like we are! I will no longer have bad days because I live my life like everyday is my last and those around me know that they don’t have to worry either!!!